Two human body scans of a 114 kg woman and a 54 kg woman. The size of the stomach, heart, and intestine is obviously enlarged. There is displacement of bone and the fluid between the brain and the skull is larger.

Today I felt very proud to see a beautiful confident woman talking to me. A friend who won the battle with the pounds and more. She brought out her true beautiful self and I was proud of her presence, makeup, elegance, and femininity. She loved herself and it clearly showed in the work she had done with him.

my dear people,
Obesity has become one of the biggest health threats in the 21st century. It affects people of all ages and social groups and should be treated as a disease, not just an aesthetic issue of acceptance.
There are obvious signs and effects of obesity that we should be aware of. A swollen stomach, heart, abdomen, and intestine are not only cosmetic problems but also signs that something is wrong with your health. In addition, the displacement of bone and fluid between the brain and skull can lead to serious problems.
Disfigured and altered bodies are idolized in the name of distorted diversity, and some overweight professionals give us lessons in proper nutrition.
We need to understand that obesity is not just about acceptance. A person who experiences it has understood that he should not transform his problem into quality and above all he will not become an ostrich by promoting the wrong standards. Instead, you will hear him confess:
- "I don't want you to accept me as overweight but as a person with a mind and personality. I don't want to struggle in my daily life, to be in pain and walk with difficulty, as if I'm constantly carrying a sack of potatoes or stones on my shoulders. I don't care because I chose it, but unfortunately, I got sick and I live with my disease. A disease that requires a medical approach, individual effort, and above all your support."
My friends,
The key to tackling obesity is realizing that it is a serious disease that requires global changes in beliefs and lifestyles. With the right commitment to health, we can protect ourselves and face this great challenge of the 21st century.
Key points for dealing with obesity are:
1. Sports: Daily exercise is the key to reducing weight and improving health. 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming, or cycling, is extremely effective.
2. Diet: Prefer high-quality foods such as fruits, vegetables, voracious red meats and fish. Avoid carbohydrates and foods high in fat and sugar.
3. Healthy sleep: Adequate sleep is important for weight control. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
4. Support: Get help from health professionals, such as nutritionists and doctors, to design a customized weight loss and maintenance plan.

Obesity is not a matter of acceptance. It is a disease.
Anyone who claims otherwise has not lived it. But I confess to you that this is not just a battle. And none of this is easy. Good in theory but in practice it is war and it never stops.
Until then you can also flip through this massive 386-page book I wrote at least 20 years ago called:
"New culinary art, For healthy and dietary nutrition"
As I mentioned in my introduction "trying to lose weight is a monotonous, continuous and long road" and I would like to add that even more so it is trying to maintain the right weight that makes you feel happy.
Yes, we all know by now that a person who exercises and does not abuse has a life expectancy of 15 years longer than someone who does not exercise and does abuse. I give you advice to exercise daily not eat junk and be by your side to not caress your ears but to mirror your reality.
And I don't do it in ignorance of what you have to face, for this war and defeats I accept from unwanted pounds, I will write another time.

Obesity is the scourge of our time and that's why I felt very happy with the result I was seeing in my friend. It wasn't just the pounds that had been lost. It was sadness, despair, rejection, and defeat that had been lost.
She was a young, bright personality, radiating love, joy, and strength. It was the voice, the eyes, the face, that had a mood for life, for creation and showed that everything around her, she could change, as we all can.
My thoughts are with you.